School Fees

Fee and Smart Class fee for the primary section will be collected before the 25th of the month as specified below:

  • LKG/UKG Rupees   1000/-
  • Std I  Rupees  1070/-
  • Std II  Rupees  1070/-
  • Std III  Rupees  1070/-
  • Std IV  Rupees  1070/-

The Staff OF Deva Mata Convent School enjoy all the benefits such as Pension, Gratuity, Provident Fund and Employees.State Insurance. Therefore, the students have to pay the fees for 12 months. payment of fees is to be made on or before the 25th of each month. A fine of Rs.10/- will be charged for payment of fees after due date. Defaulters are not eligible to attend the class. Whenever there is an increase in the staff pay there will be a corresponding increase in the school fee.

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