Rules for Parents

The utmost co-operation between the Home and the School is essential for the all round healthy growth of a child.Parents,therfore ,should observe the following instructions for the benefit of their children.

  1. Parents should ensure that their children attend class neatly dressed and in full uniform
  2. See that their children have all the necessary books, prepare their lessons and actively participate in the activities of the school
  3. Check the school diary daily, for communications, if any,conveyed by the teachers and sign them as aproof that they have read them.
  4. Sign the progress report cards, answer scripts and similar document and return them in time which otherwise would result in much inconvenience
  5. Please supervise the home assignment of the pupils for the next day. Discourage and independent thinking by self-learning.
  6. A long period of absence of a child due to illness must be reported to the Principal/Headmistress within a week.
  7. Avoid sending the children late to school.
  8. Parents are neither allowed to meet their children nor interview of the Principal/Headmistress.
  9. Parents are required to compulsorily attend the PTA Meeting for the effective functioning of the educational institution.
  10. If there is any grievance, the parents should communicate it ti the Principal/Headmistress in time so that their genuine grievances will be redressed.
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