About Our School

Trinity Lyceum was started by the late Bishop of Quilon Rt.Rev.Dr.Jerome .M. Fernandez on January 5 1966. Bishop Jerome was a Visionary , whose insight and experience contributed a lot to the development of the people of all religious denominations in Kerala. Various educational institution in Kollam District are the monuments of his committed efforts in the field of education.

The school was started with the lofty intention of giving excellent coaching to the students preparing for priesthood. In the beginning admission were restricted to the seminarians. Later the portals of Trinity Lyceum has classes from L.K.G to XII standard.We aim at the total development of all the students. We believe that a systematic method of planning and execution can help us to achieve our objective. Hence we plan and execute curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in such a way as to infuse enthusiasm and to foster the values of perseverance, self-confidence, Love, Respect, hard work , self-discipline and responsibility in the students.

We arrange regular interfaces to facilities a fruitful communication between parents and teachers.The meeting arranged by the PTA and the personal meetings of the parents and the teachers convened by the principal go a long way in building up a solid rapport between parents and teachers. With a sense of caring that ensures the protection of the students,our dedicated and sincere teachers strive hard to elicit the best from our students . We try our best to impart a value based education to the students giving due importance to their character formation. The moral and religious instruction imparted to the students as part of their curriculum helps them to grow up in fraternity and mutual respect.

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